The Exchange

A feature film by Cynthia Mitchell,
Robert Arnold, and Rachel Krief. Shot on location in Paris and Normandy.

The Exchange is an homage to dialogue-heavy French films in the tradition of Jean Eustache, Eric Rohmer and Maurice Pialat. Written by an American, Cynthia Mitchell, the screenplay was first translated into French and directed for the stage by Rachel Krief. After its run on the stage in Paris, Krief, Mitchell, and American producer/director Robert Arnold decided to collaborate on this film adaptation, which was shot in Paris and Normandy. The film is about the relation between love and performance, on and off stage.

A woman asks a “professional liar” (an actor) to seduce her in the hopes that he can erase the memory of a man she’s obsessed with. The actor accepts the challenge and they circle each other in a slippery role-play. Caught between loving too much and not enough, they force each other to face the elusiveness of their own desires.

79:00, Color
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